Tips for looking after someone with dementia

Nearly one million people in the United Kingdom have now been diagnosed with dementia, in fact almost 20% of people over the age of 80 will suffer from the disease. For every new person who hears this diagnosis, many more people will find themselves in the difficult position of caring for someone suffering from memory loss and other issues. Whether this person ends up in a care home or you are looking after them at home, here are some of the best tips to bear in mind if you find yourself in this position.


1) Expect things to change

People mainly think of memory loss immediately when they consider dementia, but it’s important to know about the other behavioural changes someone will probably experience with the illness. Anything from exercise to simple daily activities like getting dressed could quickly become difficult for your loved one to deal with alone, and it may be up to you to help them overcome the inevitable frustration and feel supported. Continue reading Tips for looking after someone with dementia

The top 7 qualities of a great care home

Many people with experience in the field would argue that the most important factor in ensuring UK care homes are up to a high standard is listening to the people who experience the sector first hand. In our own experience, here are the top 10 features the best care homes will have.

1) Culture

The values held by the care home as whole will be vitally important, whether this is a small company or a larger organisation. People at the top should genuinely and honestly want what’s best for patients and staff, and if this happens it will trickle down and create the necessary positive culture.

2) Regulation

It is the responsibility of the government as well as authoritative bodies such as the Care Quality Commission to ensure these people on the front lines are listened to, and any necessary changes to the system as a whole are implemented. This allows individual care homes to follow the necessary guidelines properly and enjoy the benefits of having a framework in place, rather than following bureaucratic rules for the sake of it, and at the expense of residents. Continue reading The top 7 qualities of a great care home

Why older people still have to suffer low quality care

In the UK we have an ongoing problem with healthcare in general, but care homes in particular provide a great example of why we have to keep working to tackle the issue. It is one of balance and equality across the board when it comes to medical care; specifically, why do we have such a high standard of care in many cases, but in others there are shocking lapses all too often? In fact, investigations have repeatedly found that older people living in care are subject to horrendous failures in the systems put in place to protect them on a daily basis.

This is all despite the fact that in the majority of cases, care in UK homes is up to an outstanding standard, and of course there are thousands of highly skilled and compassionate health workers who are doing a wonderful job looking after the elderly. We always aim to support businesses and individuals who are doing their part to ensure the system works, and it’s easy to find examples of great care being provided across the UK all the time. Continue reading Why older people still have to suffer low quality care

GPs encouraged to continue visiting patients in care homes

In the UK there is always a lot of talk about the constant pressure on the National Health Service, and it’s currently even more of a hot topic than usual. Doctors specifically are under a lot of strain, and being forced to push back against the government over pay and other issues to do with their mounting workload. The British Medical Association was recently forced to speak out, saying they are looking at what they can do to stop care homes being left behind as more inevitable cuts are made.

The fear is that NHS doctors won’t be able to visit the 400 thousand care home residents in the country as often as they should, and there are concerns that this is already becoming the case. Specialists in medical care for older people in care have argued that it is necessary for NHS doctors to continue with routine visits to ensure that their patients are not discriminated against compared to others. With pressure on doctors building, it’s feared that only people who are physically able to travel to surgeries and attend appointments will be seen, and those who have to wait for help to come to them at their care home will be left without that important support.

Continue reading GPs encouraged to continue visiting patients in care homes