Why older people still have to suffer low quality care

In the UK we have an ongoing problem with healthcare in general, but care homes in particular provide a great example of why we have to keep working to tackle the issue. It is one of balance and equality across the board when it comes to medical care; specifically, why do we have such a high standard of care in many cases, but in others there are shocking lapses all too often? In fact, investigations have repeatedly found that older people living in care are subject to horrendous failures in the systems put in place to protect them on a daily basis.

This is all despite the fact that in the majority of cases, care in UK homes is up to an outstanding standard, and of course there are thousands of highly skilled and compassionate health workers who are doing a wonderful job looking after the elderly. We always aim to support businesses and individuals who are doing their part to ensure the system works, and it’s easy to find examples of great care being provided across the UK all the time. Continue reading Why older people still have to suffer low quality care