Adding personalisation to care homes

Adding personalisation to care homes

As a care home worker or manager, there is always a focus on providing high quality care that meets the needs of residents. Of course this should be the number one priority, but it can sometimes be easy to get swept up in the busy routine of managing a home and forget to ensure nobody starts to lose their own personal identity. Residents in care homes need to remain as people in the eyes of everyone they come into contact with – vulnerable people who need support and reassurance along with good quality medical help and practical care.

A great way of ensuring this happens is to enable personalisation wherever possible. There’s no reason why anyone should have to spend their days in a bland and impersonal environment, and adding a little personal touch could make a world of difference. Engaging both staff and residents in the process of adding personalisation to rooms and communal spaces can be a really positive way to encourage a happier environment. Continue reading Adding personalisation to care homes

Decision trees & care

Engaging care homes with a decision tree

A decision tree might be a great new way for care homes to develop their status as a place where the opinions of both residents and staff are taken seriously when it comes to making decisions. This fun and quirky tool has been implemented in many care homes across the UK and we’ve heard from many home managers saying the trees are really effective at engaging people and helping everyone to feel included. Maybe it’s time you created one, if you’re currently working in care?

In mathematics, a decision tree is usually more complex than the sort we are referring to. It would be used to analyse the possible outcomes, including benefits and costs, of a particular course of action in comparison to alternatives. The decision tree you might find in a care home would be a simpler process, and usually involves some kind of prop or wall display (you might want to try painting the tree on the wall in one of the main communal areas, and this is something else the residents can be involved in). Continue reading Engaging care homes with a decision tree