The Benefits of Specialist Bed Bathing Products For the Elderly

Bed bathing can be an extremely sensitive subject and is often uncomfortable for both the patient and the caregiver. Nevertheless, in instances where mobility has become a serious problem, bed bathing may become the only realistic prospect for maintaining health and hygiene.

The good news, however, is that with such fantastic products available created specifically for bed bathing, the process need not be difficult or uncomfortable.  Specialist bed bathing wipes, in particular, have revolutionised the way the industry approaches bed bathing practices. From continence care wipes to 2% Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths and more, there are so many advantages that come with an investment in the highest quality made-for-purpose products.

1 – Convenience

For example, the convenience of using bed bathing wipes and related products is exponentially greater than that of carrying out a traditional bed bath. With no water required, no towels and no additional equipment whatsoever, it really couldn’t be easier to give any patient a comprehensive cleanse at any time.

2 – Regular Hygiene Maintenance

The fact that these kinds of products make it so much faster and easier to go about personal hygiene routines enables caregivers to manage patient hygiene much more meticulously. While carrying out a full traditional bed bath is something that may require plenty of time, equipment and assistance from others, use of specialist bed bathing products is infinitely easier.

3 – Cost-Effective

It’s also worth bearing in mind that specialist hygiene wipes and related supplies can over the course of time work out considerably cheaper than the comparable bed bathing equipment that would be required.  Once again, with no additional equipment, no water, no towels and quite literally nothing else needed, specialist wipes represent an enormously cost-effective solution.

4 – Single-Use

In terms of cleanliness and hygiene, the fact that all such wipes and associated products are designed to be thrown away after one use guarantees absolutely outstanding hygiene. You take the wipe from the pack, you carry out the cleansing and you throw it away – it really couldn’t be simpler.

5 – The Fastest Way To an Anti-Bacterial Clean

Last but not least, Clinicept 2% Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths represent perhaps the fastest and most convenient way of all of carrying out an effective antibacterial clean. These incredible wipes provide effective cleansing with no need for rinsing and a fantastic moisturising effect. What’s more, they can even be heated prior to use for maximum comfort.